Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref.1002 'Full Set' dated 1963 | steel automatic vintage wristwatch with chronometer certificate, guarantee and box
Vintage Watch Update – 8 July 2022 | 8.7.22

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref.1002 'Full Set' dated 1963 | steel automatic vintage wristwatch with chronometer certificate, guarantee and box

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ref.1002 dated 1964 | Steel 

Opening this week’s newsletter is a classic example of the Ref. 1002 Rolex Oyster. A model first introduced in 1962, this is an early example which is date stamped 1963 both to the inside case back and bracelet clasp. The watch is accompanied by its numbered Chronometer testing papers issued on 26 September 1963, guarantee booklet detailing original sale on 1 February 1964, and presentation box. The watch has a silvered satin finished dial with long baton indexes and dauphine hands – further details, images and video, as always, can be found over on the website.

Smiths W10 Military dated 1970 | steel manually wound vintage wristwatch with hack feature

Smiths W10 Military dated 1970 | Steel

The Smiths W10 is turning into something of a vintage watch icon and is certainly one of the most sought after of English made wristwatches. A great example of the model, the dial of this watch is in excellent condition; the luminescent dots and accents above the numerals have a very attractive patina and retain some fluorescence; the luminescence to the hands matches perfectly in tone to the numerals’ accents. The movement used for the model was based on the Smiths Astral movement but with exacting specifications and the addition of a hack feature to allow synchronisation of the seconds hand. Users within the armed forces included helicopter pilots, paratroopers and tank crews.

Omega Ref. 2292 made for the British Government in 1944 | steel and duralumin military wristwatch

Omega Ref.2292 Military made 1944

During the Second World War, the Air Ministry ordered watches from a number of different manufacturers, these included the Ref. 2292 from Omega. The dial and hands were especially made by Omega for this model and were designed for use by pilots and navigators in the R.A.F. The cases were composed of a steel back with an upper case made of ‘Duralumin’ which is an alloy consisting of aluminium, copper, magnesium and manganese. Duralumin has a more matte, silvery white appearance than steel and is much less reflective, therefore helping to prevent distracting glare from the upper case while in use. The 2292’s case has distinctive elongated lugs and, in the traditional military fashion, fixed bar lugs which help to ensure the strap is not accidentally detached from the case. Their bold utilitarian design has ensured their place among the most collectible of Omega’s vintage production. This watch is accompanied by an Extract from the Omega Archives which confirms production of this piece for the British Government on 17th May 1944.

Eterna Cal.852 circa 1949 | Steel

With a case diameter just a shade under 37mm, this is a large vintage wristwatch with a robust steel case. Stylistically, the watch is strongly influenced by the designs of military watches used during the Second World War. Indeed, the watch’s rugged design is reinforced by the manufacturer’s engraved detailing to the case back which advertises the watch as shock proof, waterproof and anti-magnetic (the watch is no longer waterproof). These ways of protecting the watch’s movement would have been important considerations when the watch was purchased new and highlighting their presence was doubtless intended to assist the retailer when showing the watch to prospective purchasers.

Longines Ref. 23297 hallmarked 1970 | 9ct yellow gold manually wound vintage wristwatch

Longines Ref.23297 hallmarked 1970 | 9ct Gold

This smart Longines dress watch is handsomely configured with raised Arabic numerals and the dial surface retains an excellent lustre. The watch is complete with its original box and guarantee booklet which details the watch’s sale in December 1970. Cased in 9ct yellow gold, the watch has a slim profile with gently angled lugs.

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