The Watch - A Twentieth Century Style History - Alexander Barter
The Watch: A Twentieth Century Style History | 22.5.19

Written by Alex Barter of Black Bough this title has been a long time coming. Alex’s book will be published this September by Prestel and signed copies (or indeed unsigned copies!) can be pre-ordered from our site.

The Watch - A Twentieth Century Style History - Alexander Barter

Alex’s book differs from many other books about watches on the market because it concentrates on the visual style of watches rather than the mechanics of the timepieces. The book is arranged chronologically and discusses the watch industry through the twentieth century and how various styles of watch can identify them as belonging to a specific era.

It would be churlish to say that Alex’s knowledge is without parallel but through the course of his career with watches firstly with Sotheby’s where he became head of the European watch department to his work with Black Bough he has handled a lot of watches and thought long and carefully about the changes in design, case shape, dial configuration and format that took place over the course of 100 years.

The book also features an introduction written by Daryn Schnipper, Chairperson of Sotheby’s International Watch Department.

We are also planning a number of projects alongside the launch of Alex’s book; there will be a London launch and a Ludlow one, if you would like an invitation to either (or both!) please let us know.