When crafting tools turn nasty | 15.12.13

In the years since dear Jonathan Ive took over the design job at Apple it has become easier to find white (and black) goods that don’t offend the sensibilities. Jasper Morrison did a lovely range for Rowenta, the designs of Dieter Rams are held high, etc etc. It’s easy to think that everything is better designed; that if you need a piece of equipment you can find one that has a design sensibility that doesn’t offend you. That is until you feel the need for an affordable die-cut machine.

Truly the ugliest piece of equipment that I have ever used. I have to hide it (in a Muji drawer, natch) when it is not being used, and even then it shames me.


Now, I’m aware that I’m not the target market for a die-cut machine – the seeming preserve of hobby crafters and those that look to QVC for inspiration for making their own greetings cards, but .  .  . still.


So it’s just as well that the things that it can do (with my eyes closed) are just about worth the anguish.

IMG_4726 IMG_4727 IMG_4690