An odd flea market find | 25.5.16

There is a small flea market in Ludlow roughly every fortnight on a Sunday. I normally try and get there early so that I can do a quick round of the stalls and grab a copy of the Observer before returning home for breakfast and then going in to open the shop preceded by another round of the market stalls. This last Sunday I saw the glass piece shown below on my first round but just couldn’t decide whether I liked it enough to buy it. It is an odd thing, and thus I figured that it wasn’t particularly going to fly off the stall if I didn’t commit to buying it on my dawn trip around the market. Sure enough, it was still there when I went back to open the shop. By this time I had satisfied myself that I was intrigued enough to buy it.

wiggly glass 3

It’s still a odd thing and I have no real idea why it was made and by whom. There are no marks to it which suggests that it wasn’t made as a commercial piece by a largeish manufacturer, in fact it feels a bit like it was a way to just use up the remaining section of barley twist glass that for the bulk might have been made for something way more traditional. The base is made from a greenish glass and the sculptural section is one  length of glass applied to that base. I’m fairly sure it isn’t something destined for the shop so it is remaining at home . . . a curiosity.

wiggly glass 1 wiggly glass 2 wiggly glass 4