New Year – New Books | 24.1.15

With the sad demise of the Ludlow branch of Material we’ve expanded our range of books to fill the gap of their departure – nb, their London shop is still a mighty temple to books, prints and loads of other stuff.

When the slew of catalogues appear from publishers (and their distributors) a good part of the next few days can be spent with Alex, Sian and myself working our way through these with a highlighter. They tend to be weighty things as well so they sit on the shop desk as no one can muster the strength to keep moving them. Then there’s the anticipation – awaiting actual publication dates, forgetting publication dates, and through the course of the next 6 months opening boxed deliveries from book distributors to reveal titles that you had kind of forgotten about. So . . . there’ll be great new titles over the next months but until then . . . there’s this lovely bunch (and more!) to be getting on with.


We’ve also just started stocking mt tape and there’s a lovely selection of those available in the shop and online as well.