Marches Supper Society | 1.12.13

A couple of years ago my friend Laura put forward the notion of a Ludlow based supper club; planned, cooked and organised by Laura, myself and our friend Henry. At the time Laura was the sous chef at Ludlow’s estimable Green Cafe, and Henry and I were keen amateur chefs who realised that we were, to some extent resting on our cooking laurels and that, whilst we didn’t really have ambitions to run restaurants, quite fancied playing at it occasionally.

In that first year we managed to host 6, or so suppers, in various venues close to Ludlow for up to 16 people. In year 2 we only managed a couple of events and this year we had again only so far managed 1 supper. Events had conspired against us; weather (we had to cancel one event earlier this year as late season snow had made the venue inaccessible) and Laura had decamped to Somerset.

So, last Thursday we got round to hostiung our second supper of the year. We found the perfect venue in the centre of Ludlow – it enabled us to up our guest list to 32 and, as Laura couldn’t make it back from Somerset, we lined up a guest chef, Will Holland, previously of La Becasse. You might know Will from his turn on Great British Menu does Comic Relief when he fell foul of not creating food that was funny enough . . . really great food, just not side-splittingly funny food.

Henry was on starters, Will was on meat main course, I was on vegetarian main course and pudding. In that same sequence are the images below.


photo (1) photo (2)

If you want to know more about the exploits of Marches Supper Society – we have our own blog – if you want to be on the mailing list for future suppers (where we can’t guarantee the presence of Michelin starred chefs) you can e-mail [email protected]