Magnolias | 10.4.15

The spring warmth this week has brought a profusion of magnolia blooms into life – we’ve yet to be troubled by any frost to accompany this, so at the moment the local magnolias are looking pretty magnificent.


As luck would have it – and it’s rare that these things work so fortuitously – I have also managed this week to source some pieces of vintage SylvaC from their ‘Magnolia’ range.

mag v07

Made in the late 1950s and early 60s these pieces share some of the same rough mould shapes that SylvaC also used in their ‘Hyacinth’ range. The ‘Magnolia’ variation also came in a long, low planter and also a more rounded vase shape but it is these urn forms that I like the best. Of course were you to have access to cut magnolia blossom, you could go for a double whammy, magnolia on magnolia – my own magnolia is too juvenile to do this even under the guise of pruning.

mag v08

mag v03