Jonathan Heale – Modern Mens Hairdos | 22.8.14

On September 5th our exhibition of Jonathan Heale’s new series of woodcuts opens at the shop. We’ve had some of Jonathan’s more pastoral work in the shop over the summer but his new work is, subject wise, a bit of a departure from these pieces. They are – as the title of this blog post suggests – all concerned with men’s haircuts; some of them belonging to instantly recognisable famous men, be they football players or rock stars, other subjects are men that Jonathan has seen locally, in Ludlow’s market or on Hereford’s train station platform.

While we were thrashing out the details of the dates for the show (from September 5th through to September 30th) we had the pleasure of a visit to Jonathan’s studio. Having spent 1996-2009 hanging around in artists’ studios, they are generally a place that I really enjoy being; it’s the accumulation of books and objects alongside the art works and tools of the trade that I enjoy, little pointers to what drives the work and the artist. The photos below are all from Jonathan’s studio – including a glimpse of the pieces for his show with us. I’ll save a separate blog post for the actual works themselves.

The work will be available both framed and unframed from the shop; via the website they will be available unframed.