Esme Winter for Margaret Howell | 3.12.14

You wait for a blog about Margaret Howell and then get two in quick(ish) succession. No sooner had I finished the previous posting about my on-going if circuitous fanboy relationship with Margaret Howell than her much anticipated 2015 calendar arrived on my doorstep. For some people the first showing of the festive John Lewis advert or the arrival of mince pies in the aisles of Aldi signals the onset of Christmas for me the marker might as well be the arrival of the Margaret Howell calendar; always around the start of December and always a thing of joy throughout the year. This years features the work of Edwin Smith – and is available from the Margaret Howell Web Store.

Margaret Howell calendat

The other instance of this brand cropping up in my conscience was via the Instagram account of another of our suppliers – Esme Winter. The tale of how we came to be stockists of Esme Winter is another slightly off-beat one – via watching a documentary series that featured the Liberty Open Call event and freezing the frame so that I could see the name across the stationery. But, I digress, there is now Esme Winter for Margaret Howell in the form of some specifically designed gift wrap.

Esme Winter for Margaret  Howell Esme Winter for Margaret Howell Esme Winter for Margaret Howell

It may only be available from her stores rather than on-line but I reckon it’s worth a shop visit.