Dove Street Pottery | 10.7.14

I first handled David Worsley’s ceramics at a trade fair in London earlier this year – he was in the Craft section. Craft is a word that I have learnt to treat with caution; it should be a brilliant thing, suggesting handmade care, passion and a certain honesty, alas, too often the word craft – particularly when followed with the word ‘fair’ – fills me with a deep sense of unease. Sometimes there is a ‘craft fair’ in Ludlow, each time I steel myself and have a look, there are small victories amongst the morass, nice shaker style boxes the odd interesting bit of weaving but too often it is filled with people crafting sculptures of Highland Terriers from a lump of coal.

Following a fairly disastrous studio fire just as our order was ready to be dispatched, David has re-potted our order and it arrived yesterday. Betwixt January and now I had forgotten how gloriously moody his glaze work is – all sultry charcoal and teal – and how the simple spout on his milk jug and the elongated handle on his water jug are judged just right.

They’re all available from our webstore.

IMG_7141IMG_7151 IMG_7168  IMG_7165 IMG_7145