Christopher Perry – Hand drawn matchboxes | 4.2.15


The ongoing wonders of Instagram and other Social Media! Christopher Perry first came to our attention via his mother – she bought him something from our webstore as a gift to celebrate his graduation. He lives in Northern (ish) Sweden – one of those addresses that DHL flags up as one that might mean that their normal delivery schedule might mean that their targeted delivery window might not be met.

I have a romantic sensibility about Sweden and also about winter and thus the landscape in which Chris lives is super attractive (even at this time of year when his daylight hours are probably somewhat compromised). Other people may not share this view. Via this initial contact we then had further contact with Christopher via Instagram and his Big Cartel store. For someone who lives so remotely you can see how social media has allowed his “reach” to be so great – he does great commercial design work – including for a store in Birmingham – I’ve yet to ask him how this came about.

Alongside his commercial design work Chris also makes one off items including some matchboxes that recently appeared on his Instagram feed and in his webstore. Each one is hand drawn and inked. There all gone now but that’s why he is worth a follow; new projects all the time and from his Instagram gallery you can almost smell the scent of pine and larch.