By . . . | 9.10.14

My whistle stop tour of London Design Festival a few weeks ago felt more like one of those stunts to visit all of the London tube stations in the shortest possible time than a considered opportunity to take in the breadth, scope and quality of the various exhibitions. A stealth mission, no dawdling, in and out. We’d been to Top Drawer at the start of the same week so I had got my hand in in terms of speed editing and viewing trade shows . . . focus, don’t accept and profferred leaflets, pamphlets and trade show branded bags, sneak occasional mints from the Art Angels stand and keep walking.

There’s no crossover between Top Drawer and much of London Design Festival in terms of timing so a second day trip was required. In an East to West formation I took in Tent, Superbrands, Design Junction, the exhibition by HAY in St James’ and 100% Design . . .  in about 4.5 hours start to finish. Design Junction was the highlight for shop stock, two new suppliers, the first order of which has just arrived in the shop. While we incessantly sing the praises of mechanical vintage watches we’re partial to the practicalities of a quartz clock, ByShop’s range of screeenprinted wooden desk and wall clocks more than fit the bill; simple, solid graphic timepieces.


We’ve also got their powder coated letter racks. A shock of colour to brighten up the (normal) drudgery of post.