Bryan’s Ground – in the rain | 8.6.12

I thought that I had posted about Bryan’s Ground previously . . . and I had – almost 2 years ago to the day. The much vaunted 4 day long weekend is one of those things that passes you by if you work in retail; bank holiday bank schmoliday. Tuesday however happens to be our day off anyway – and despite the rain we stuck to a plan to visit Bryan’s Ground, which lies just outside Presteigne on the border with Wales.

It can’t have been an idea that resonated with many other people as we were the only ones there – a tea break necessitated by the showers and two very soggy sets of footwear at the end of it but still a beautiful garden. The fennel held drops of water magnificently and the long scalloped canal was teeming with newts and water boatmen. Despite being relatively nearby their plants are way ahead of mine – hemerocallis and roses were both in flower – but it is the mass planting of iris sibirica under fruit trees that is the star of the show at Bryan’s Ground.