Black Bough Clients and their Watches – No. 7 | 18.6.20

Graham’s Tudor Oyster Prince Ref. 7965

“It was nearing Christmas 2019 and my wife and I were visiting our son and family in Wales when just as we sat down for tea the latest Vintage Watch Update came through on my phone from Black Bough. Not meaning to be rude I hastily looked to see if there might be something interesting and my eyes were drawn to a Tudor automatic from the 1960s. This was the decade I was looking for as I have watches from the 50s and 70s, but I had always said that I would only buy Omega. The watch was particularly attractive, and although I would have preferred a manual wind this seemed too good to pass by. I phoned the shop and Adam passed me on to Alex who very kindly agreed to reserve the watch whilst I had time to consider. On reading the blurb and watching the video I was convinced so ordered it the following day and within a day or two it arrived. I had asked for a different strap to be put on it, a Hirsch Tuscan leather Siena one, which I felt made it look even better. One aspect of the watch which I did have some reservations about was the fact that it was engraved on the back as it had been presented to someone who had worked at Rattee and Kett Ltd, who were historic building restoration specialists. So I looked them up and discovered that the company had been founded in 1843 but went into administration in 2011. It had been involved in many projects including work on the Palace of Westminster. On learning this I felt that the watch had a history to it which made it even more interesting. Frustratingly, I had to wait until Christmas Day before I could wear it but it certainly was worth waiting for. The Oyster crown on the watch takes a little getting used to but when secured to the case it means that inadvertent winding is prevented and helps with protection against water. It’s an ingenious innovation. I wear the watch in rotation with my other three watches from Black Bough. Recently I purchased a leather watch wrap which I find is excellent for storage and travel. The wrap has five slots so I am now looking to fill the last one with another from Black Bough. Will it be an Omega again or something else? We will have to see.”

You’ll find the original listings for Graham’s Tudor on our website here: Tudor Oyster Ref.7965