Belinda Eade – Shell Room | 3.8.22

Owing to a previous job (and life) in London I am lucky enough to be friends with a lot of artists, designers and makers. A recent trip to the West Country meant that I was able to call in and catch up with one of them.

Belinda Eade is a stonecarver, grotto designer/builder/restorer and stone lettering artist. At her home she has recently completed a personal project to make her own shell room.

The form of the building that is lined with shells has a square pitched-roof central room and two smaller rooms off two opposing sides. Based loosely on the signs of the zodiac, though as Belinda admits not in true chronological order, the central room contains panels dedicated to her husband, two children and three step-daughters. There is also a central console table and two framed mirrors in the adjacent rooms all surmounted with shells. It’s an incredible piece of work.