An Italian roadside | 26.6.13

It’s a week or so since we got back from a week in the Umbrian hills. We rented somewhere that had its own private road. Whilst this conjures the sound of the crunch of gravel it was the kind of private road that makes you glad that it is a hire car that you are trying to force up it in 1st gear rather than your own – very steep, deeply rutted and both done dry and muddy alternately. The kind of road that never fills one with confidence, one where you ponder foregoing the stress of navigating it and existing for a week on foraged strawberries and cherries. During the heat of the mid afternoon it did however provide great cover for a walk, being carved out of thick holm oak forest, and on the side of this road grew an abundance of wild flowers. The views and flora that being designated driver I was unaware of when behind the wheel were pretty good.

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